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Welcome to Infant Aquatics Temecula

The leading cause of childhood non-auto accidental death in California is Drowning. Let’s work hard to spread the word that drowning is a preventable death. By putting your babies and young children in an Elite Program like Infant Aquatics Temecula

Infant Aquatics Temecula is an Elite Swim Program for kids that teaches swimming and survival floating. When combined together we call this life saving sequence swim, float, swim. Survival swimming is the ability to float and breathe, regardless of the water’s depth, for an indefinite period of time. Conventional swim programs are more concerned with your child being comfortable in the water thus taking years to produce a swimmer. At Infant Aquatics Temecula we empower your child with the skills needed to safely enjoy the water in a matter of weeks!

Ms. Kris has experienced a drowning first hand when her niece Jill age 2.5 was found at the bottom of the deep end in a back yard swimming pool. Because of Jill, she is dedicated to the mission of teaching your children the survival float for non-walkers (babies) and the swim float swim sequence to your walker. Ms. Kris will not let your child leave the program until she is completely satisfied that they will be able to handle themselves in an aquatic emergency.Once your child has completed the program Ms. Kris highly recommends that you enroll them in one of our Graduate Programs and or/weekly maintenance lessons to keep their skills up.

Kris Battista is the owner of Infant Aquatics Temecula and is a proud member of the Infant Aquatics Survival (IAS) team. Kris is thrilled to expand this amazing program to the Temecula area and feels the need for life saving skills is a must for every family with children around water!

Thousands of kids who have went through this kind of program have been found floating alive in pools, spa’s and lakes by their parents. Their children are alive today because they were skilled. A skilled child will have a fighting chance in the event of an aquatic emergency.


  • Teaching kids to swim since 2008
  • Red Cross WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Certified
  • Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Intensive Infant Aquatics Certification
  • Principle Instructor – Child Drowning Prevention & Infant Aquatics
  • Infant Aquatics Stroke Specialist